Off-topic: we did a thing!

The beginning. Well, a few cuts in anyways!

As the title says, this post is completely off topic. But I’m so excited to share what we did!

My husband and I have been sleeping on our sweet latex mattress on the floor since we’ve got it. We’d never had a king-sized mattress before, and just kept putting off the purchase of a bed frame. King bed frames are pricey, even from IKEA!

Used a pretty dark walnut stain to make the pine look super fancy.

We finally own a home, now, and don’t plan on moving anytime soon, so we decided it was about time to stop sleeping on the floor. I still didn’t like the idea of spending a bunch of money on a bed frame of questionable sturdiness (my husband loves to fling himself with abandon into bed), so I started doing some research online.

Putting the nice looking outer wood onto the sturdy frame. We added two slats of 3/4” particle board for extra-zealousness.

After some searching and deliberation, I settled on this DIY bed frame plan. It looked like a sturdy, simple construction plan, which was perfect since I haven’t ever done a carpentry project without my dad’s guidance and supervision. I’m really happy with the choice I made.


Right-side up!

About six weeks ago we got everything (almost, we ended up needing more screws because I am overzealous, and we borrowed a bunch of tools from our families) we would need to build, stain, and finish our own bed frame. I was terrified, sure I would get halfway through before giving up. Or fail completely and regret my delusion of being a DIYer. But we finished it (last week, actually)! And it looks amazing!

All done and made. Bonus kitty!

My overzealousness with the screws also paid off, and the frame doesn’t so much as make the smallest creak when the husband catapults his pajama-wearing self into it.

So I wanted to share our triumph, even though it has nothing to do with food, history, or beans. I do hope it will help to explain my absence over the last couple weeks, though! I’ll be putting up a delicious on-topic post about tamarind soon, so please stay tuned.

And keep eating your history!

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