The future of beans

It’s arrived!

I can’t pretend to know where beans will go or what they will do in the world, but I do know where they’ll be heading on this blog!

I got to bicycle to my local library after work today (oh my it was so hot outside, but so worth it!) because the book I’ve been waiting to come in had arrived! Well, actually, it had arrived yesterday, but the library is closed on Sunday so I don’t know why they emailed me to let me know they had it. Such a tease!

But it’s here now, in my hands! I’m sure I’m going to learn more than I ever thought there was to know about beans, but I’m also sure I’m going to love every minute of it. I’ve never actually read  any of Ken Albala’s professional works before, only listened to him through the Great Courses lectures he did (and yes, I’m going to keep linking that until you listen to it, too!), so I’m really excited to read this book.

I don’t know what I’ll read in there, but it will almost certainly give me plenty of food for thought (har har!) regarding beans and what I want to write about them. I already have a few ideas of my own, though! I want to look deeper into the importance of beans for lent and other religious observances, and I also want to look at the differences between Old World and New World bean varieties and which varieties are which.

I know at least one, already! Fava beans are Old World. Cause how much more Old World can you get than Ancient Greece!

Well, time to dig in!

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